BROWNE, Isaac Proctor

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Issac Proctor Browne (1871-1957)
Bald Eagle shot by Issac Proctor Browne on Anacapa Island in 1892 [VCMHA-34-35.1].

BROWNE, Isaac “Ike” Proctor (1871-1957), born July 24, 1871 in Benton, Missouri, was the second of five children born to blacksmith Charles Wallace Browne and his wife, Mary Louisa Proctor. By 1880 the family had moved west to Saticoy, Ventura County, California. Browne was married and divorced by the time he was 28 in 1900. He remarried Jessie Louisa Todd (1975-1936) in 1901, and they had a son, Lafayette “Lafe” (1902-1978). Browne became citrus rancher and well-known grocer in Santa Paula after the turn of the century. His store was called “Ike Browne’s Cash Grocery.”

Browne shot a Bald Eagle on Anacapa Island in 1892 and had the bird mounted in a perched position. Browne became a member of the Ventura County Game Preserve Association, a private gun club established in 1904, and in 1913 he was elected as a board member. In 1934 Leroy S. “Roy” Beckley (1858-1939) donated Brown’s mounted Bald Eagle specimen to the Ventura County Museum of History and Art, now the Museum of Ventura County.

Brown died on August 19, 1957 at age 86 in Santa Barbara. His wife predeceased him. Browne is buried in Santa Paula Cemetery.

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