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BROWNSILL, Edwin ( -1893) Born in England. Died of heart disease on July 2, 1893 at 51 years old, 1 month 22 days.

3/3/1927 sent to Oakland Crematorium. Brownsill is buried in Santa Barbara cemetery.

In the News~

September 1, 1889 [SBMP]: “Mr. And Mrs. Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. Brownsill returned Sunday from a trip to Anacapa Island, which is owned by Mr. Elliott.”

September 8, 1889 [SBMP]: “A trip to the Islands, and especially to the Anacapas had long been the wish of our hearts… we at last August 20th found ourselves on board the neat sloop Brisk bound for the land of our dreams. Our party consisted of Mr. And Mrs. Elliott, Mr. And Mrs. Leach, Miss F. B. Smith, Mr. L. M. King, and Mr. and Mrs. Brownsill. The Brisk is a staunch, sea worthy craft, commanded by a careful obliging and pleasant young gentleman, Hugh Walters…”

August 8, 1890 [SBMP]: “Captain Brownsill and party have returned from the islands.”

August 12, 1890 [SBDI]: “The following party started from this city this morning at 6:30 en route for Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands: Will Kearney, Ord Fergus, C. M. Gidney and wife, Misses May Murphy, Edith McGrath, Minnie Jennings, Josie Weaver, May Washburn, Myra Morgan, Mrs. J. A. Allen, Messrs. Theo Lilligren, Ellsworth Bates, Judson Packard, Pierce Weaver. This party embarked on the good ship Loafer, master Mark Brownsill; first mate Robert Ord. Provisions for a five days’ voyage were taken in.”

August 21, 1890 [SBDI]: “The party of nineteen, who visited the islands of Santa Cruz and Anacapa last week, speak in high terms of their trip and join in recommending a similar one to parties who desire a first class time at a very reasonable expense. The scenery on and around the islands, the wonderful arches and mysterious caves, the exquisite beauty of sky and ocean at morning and evening above all the delightful and invigorating temper of the climate, make the place of rare interest to the health or pleasure seeker. The entire party have nothing but words of highest praise for the sloop Loafer that so safely carried them, for the unwearying kindness and civility of Captain Brownsill and for the obliging manners and nautical skill of sailor Joe, and they would advise all who are contemplating a similar trip to make it in connection with the same vessel, captain and crew.”

September 10, 1890 [SBDI]: “Mrs. Brownsill, Misses Jennings, Beckstead, Weldon, Sheffield, Diehl and Barker, and Messrs. W. R. H. Weldon, Jesse Beckstead, David Nidever and J. S. Griswold started Monday for a trip to the island. Captain Brownsill has charge of the party.”

June 14, 1891 [SBMP]: “Lost Overboard. The sloop Liberty arrived last evening from San Miguel Island, and brought word of an accident which occurred on the outward trip. The sloop left Santa Barbara one June 3rd, with Captain and Miss Waters, Miss Brownsill and Miss Guild, who expected to spend some time on the island...”

August 5, 1891 [SBMP]: “On Sunday a party of young men from Ventura who were in Santa Barbara to spend the day, took a sail on the channel in the Mermaid, Captain Brownsill…”

August 27, 1891 [SBMP]: “On Monday morning, August 10th, a party of sixteen… embarked on the little vessel Big Loafer, Captain Brownsill in command…”

September 22, 1891 [SBMP]: “Captain Brownsill will sail in the sloop Big Loafer this morning with a party of Santa Barbara people to visit the islands.”

September 29, 1891 [SBMP]: “The sloop Big Loafer, Captain Brownsill, returned from a trip to Santa Cruz Island on Sunday afternoon, thus disposing of various rumors of an accident on the boat. The trip over last Tuesday was a fair one, the heavy gale which blew along the shore not extending out into the channel. The party consisted of Mrs. Boynton, Miss Noble, Dr. Batchelder, Miss Randall, William Wyles, Frank M. Whitney, and Mr. And Mrs. W. G. Kinsell.”

December 3, 1891 [SBMP]: “The Santa Barbara Islands. The Overland Monthly for December is a peculiarly Santa Barbara publication… The largest cave, called Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island, is near the northwestern curve, and was lately discovered. Captain Brownsill of the sloop Big Loafer, guided a small party of us to explore this immense cavern…”

March 15, 1892 [SBMP]: Captain Brownsill is expected daily from San Diego with his newly purchased yacht, Allie.”

April 14, 1892 [SBMP]: “The Allie, Captain Brownsill, has returned from the islands.”

May 20, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The yacht Allie, Captain Brownsill, has been sold and will go to Catalina Island.”

May 23, 1892 [SBDI]: “George W. Gourley returned from a very pleasant trip to Catalina Island Saturday evening. He went down in Captain Brownsill’s boat and reports a very quick run.”

August 12, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “Captain Brownsill sailed yesterday morning in the schooner Big Loafer for Santa Cruz Island, taking Dr. Hall and family. The boat will remain over there, and the party expects to be gone about ten days.”

August 18, 1892 [SBMP]: “Captain Brownsill arrived from the islands yesterday in the Big Loafer. He brought over Miss Everett, one of the schooner Ruby’s party, who was suffering from consequence of a close contact with poison oak. Captain Brownsill left Dr. Hall and party at Lady’s Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. They were having a splendid time and decided to remain a week or ten days more. Captain Brownsill returns today with a supply of provisions.”

July 4, 1893 [SBMP]: “The funeral of the late Edwin Brownsill occurred from the family residence on Garden Street at half past two yesterday afternoon. Dr. A. H. Carrier conducted the services according to the impressive rites of the Presbyterian Church, of which Mr. Brownsill had been a member. A large number of friends who held the deceased in high esteem came together at the house to pay this last tribute of respect to the memory of their honored friend, and to follow his remains to their last resting place. The pall bearers were Dr. White, Messrs. Frank and Bert Williams, J. P. Beckstead, J. C. Bliss and Fred Lamb.”