BRUCE, Samuel C.

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BRUCE, Samuel Curtis (1825- ), Massachusetts-born real estate investor and partner in the firm of [Samuel] Brannan, Bruce, [James S.] Graham & [Julius] Wetlzar of San Francisco.

Bruce had sheep on San Miguel Island before 1850. In 1851, he sold his right, title and interest in the island to Captain George Nidever. In May of 1863, Nidever appeared before the 4th District Court in San Francisco and successfully bid $1800 to satisfy a debt of Samuel Bruce that was secured by a half-interest in San Miguel Island. In 1863 Bruce made an offer to purchase Santa Rosa Island.

1850: “This same month [January 1850]… I then went to San Francisco and bought a small schooner of 17 tons burden, with which I returned to Santa Barbara… Soon after buying my schooner in San Francisco, I bought out the interest of a man by the name of Bruce who had sheep on the San Miguel Island…” [Ellison, William Henry The Life and Adventures of George Nidever, 1802-1883, Berkeley, 1937, p. 76.]

The site of the Tehama Block on the northeast corner of Front and J Streets in Old Sacramento is an historic one… The Tehama Block was built by Major Samuel C. Bruce of Sacramento and Teschemacher & Company of San Francisco for $36,000. It rented for $3,600 per month. During its short lifetime (1850-1851), numerous business ventures were squeezed into the building…” []

“Theodore D. Judah, Richmond Chenery and Samuel C. Bruce laid out the town of Folsom for Captain Joseph L. Folsom in 1855…” [California Historical Society Quarterly, 1970 p. 293]

“How quickly events followed each other in the early days of California prior to the organization, on September 11, 1862, of the San Francisco Stock and Exchange Board… The undersigned, propose to organize a San Francisco Stock Exchange, on the plan of the New York Stock and Exchange Board, in furtherance of which object we do each agree to pay into the hands of the Treasurer, when chosen, the sum of $100. The meeting called for the purpose of organizing the Stock Board was held on the 8th of September, 1862 at the office of J. B. E. Cavallier, R. C. Page, Joseph Grant and Samuel Bruce, who were then engaged in the real estate and general brokerage business at 428 Montgomery Street. San Francisco had at the time a population of about 75,000…”

January 25, 1863 [HL/SG]: “Abel Sterns, Esq. Dear Sir, …We have made an offer for Santa Rosa of $15,000 for the Jones interest and Robinson sends up a dispatch for the east per Senator so we shall soon know whether they accept it or not…”