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Harold Child Bryant (1886-1968)

BRYANT, Harold Child (1886-1968) [SS#556-66-8300], naturalist born in Pasadena, California on January 30, 1886, he received his PhD in zoology and paleontology from the University of California, Berkeley. Bryant was associated with the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology [MVZ] from 1910-1927, first as a Field Assistant and then as Assistant Curator of Birds and Economic Ornithologist. While at MVZ he also worked for the California Department of Fish and Game, where he later directed research and was editor of the new California Fish and Game journal.

Until 1923, Bryant erved with the National Park Service until 1923. In 1930, Harold was given his first permanent position with the National Park Service as assistant director of the branch of research and education to implement a stronger interpretive and educational approach to park management. In 1938, Harold served as consultant to the director and assisted in the establishment of Olympic National Park. He was appointed acting superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park in 1939. Harold assisted in the organization of Kings Canyon National Park in 1940, and was appointed superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park on August 1, 1941, where he served until his retirement on March 31, 1954. He was a recipient of the Department of the Interior Distinguished Service Award in 1954.

Bryant had many significant accomplishments, but was most proud of his role in establishing the interpretive programs for the National Park Service. Bryant was named as the first director of the Yosemite School of Field Natural History. He also assisted in organizing several national parks, including Olympia National Park and Grand Canyon National Park where he eventually served as Superintendent, where he discovered new species of birds, butterflies and plants.

Bryant died in Berkeley on July 14, 1968. His papers are on file at the California Academy of Sciences. [PHOTO CAS]

Bryant collected on:

  • Anacapa Island (1911)
  • Farallon Islands (1922)
  • Santa Catalina Island (1918)

Bryant, H. C. Rattlesnakes on Catalina Island in Copeia 23:48, 1915

Island Collections~
Anacapa Island H. C. Bryant ROM May 9, 1911 ROM-503538 Larus occidentalis occidentalis Birds

Farallon Islands H. C. Bryant MVZ October 26, 1922 MVZ-33013 Oryctolagus cuniculus ssp. Mammals
Farallon Islands H. C. Bryant MVZ October 26, 1922 MVZ-33014 Oryctolagus cuniculus ssp. Mammals

Santa Catalina Island H. C. Bryant MVZ July 25, 1918 MVZ-6741 Diadophis punctatus Herps