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'''Bryant collected on'''
'''Bryant collected on'''
* Santa Rosa Island (1903)
* Isla Guadalupe (1885 with Charles Miller Harris; 1886)
* [[#ISLA GUADALUPE|ISLA GUADALUPE]]  (1885 with Charles Miller Harris; 1886)

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Walter Pierce Bryant (1861-1905)

BRYANT, Walter Pierce [E.] (1861-1905), California-born naturalist and ornithologist who, in addition to birds, also collected mammals, plants and insects. Bryant was appointed curator at the California Academy of Sciences in 1886, a position he held until 1894. In 1889 he was a founder and first president of the California Ornithological Club. Bryant made two trips to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island in 1884 and again for four months in 1887-1888. He visited Santa Rosa Island on April 3, 1903. A prolific writer, Bryant published about 40 titles, including reviews.

Bryant died May 21, 1905, shortly after returning from San Blas, Mexico, where he had become ill. He was 44 years old.

Bryant collected on

Palmer, T. S. Nomenclature of California Birds in Condor 30(5):267-268 September-October 1928:

BRYANT, Walter Pierce. “Born in Sonoma, California, January 14, 1861; died in San Francisco, California May 21, 1905. The most active, careful and conscientious field worker of his day in California and Curator of Birds at the California Academy of Sciences for a number of years. Best known from his investigations of the birds of Guadalpe Island and the peninsula of Lower California. He described the Guadalupe Petrel (Oceanodroma macrodactyla) and his work is now commemorated in Bryant's Cactus Wren (Helodytes b. bryanti), from San Telmo, Lower California, and Bryant's Marsh Sparrow (Passerculus s. bryanti), from Oakland, California.”

Birds and Eggs from the Farallon Islands by Walter P. Bryant, 1897

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