BURGESS, Frank (Avalon)

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Frank Burgess, Avalon Cemetery, Santa Catalina Island

BURGESS, Frank (1880-1951), born in 1880 in Cowpe, Lancashire, England, to William Burgess (46) and his wife, Alice (37).

Frank Burgess married Susannah Rushton (1882-1965), and they had children:

  • Miriam “Mirie” Burgess [Crowder] (1911-1966)[SS#568-14-9798] born in England = Dode Crowder
1. Carolynn Susanne Crowder (1942-1987)
  • Frank Burgess, Jr. (1914-1986)[SS#567-05-6425] = Constance Aileen Hall (1921-1982)[SS#547-12-8308]
1. Frank Michael Burgess (b. 1941 in Avalon)
2. Constance Susanne Burgess (b. 1945 in Avalon)
3. Victoria Ann Burgess [Hickham] (b. 1950 in Avalon)
  • Dorothy Susanne Burgess [Madden] (1923-2012)

Frank and Susannah Burgess arrived on Santa Catalina Island in May 1913 with their daughter, Miriam. Their namesake son, Frank Burgess, Jr. (1914-1986) was born in Avalon. By the 1920 census Frank Burgess was a clerk for the Santa Catalina Island Company. In the 1930 census he was a confectionery clerk, and by 1940 was owner manager of a confectionery store. His son Frank, Jr. was a bus driver on the island.

Susannah Rushton Burgess' older sister, Miriam Rushton (1880-1959), married Judge Ernest Windle.

Frank Burgess died in 1951 in Avalon, California, at the age of 71. His wife, Susannah, died on the island in 1965. They are buried in the Avalon Cemetery. Daughter, Miriam, also died on the island in 1940.