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BURTIS, Susan (1852-1937), Swiss-born second wife of Captain Samuel Burtis. She is buried in the Santa Barbara Cemetery along with her husband and his first wife.

In the News~

October 16, 1937 [SBNP]: “Funeral services for Mrs. Susan Burtis of 26 West Islay Street, widow of Captain Samuel Burtis, died Thursday night at a rest home on San Andres Street... Mrs. Burtis was a member of the Lehner family, prominent in Santa Barbara in early days and had resided in this city for the last 60 years. Her husband for many years was a sea captain, voyaging from this port to all parts of the globe. She was born in Switzerland in 1852, and is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Emma Westwick, and Mrs. George Westwick, both of this city, and three nephews, Judge Atwell Westwick of the County Superior Court and Robert and John Westwick.”