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Barbareña (#214005) (1915- )

In the News~

May 9, 1915 [SBMP]: “Yesterday the Barbareña, a handsome, large, new power launch, sailed majestically down Anacapa Street, west on the boulevard and to a spot on the beach near State Street, preparatory to a launching that is expected to occur tomorrow. The log of the Barbareña’s land journey contains a record of only smooth sailing aboard W. W. Doan’s house moving craft. No effort was made in the way of speed spurts, and the time was a bit slow… The new boat, which is an admirable specimen of marine architecture, was built by her owner, Captain E. S. Eden of 110 East Figueroa Street, the work being done, from the laying of the keel about a year ago, to the finishing stroke, in the back of his residence. Every bit of the work in the building of this boat was done by the owner himself, even to the plumbing and fitting. The Barbareña is forty-seven feet long, with a ten foot beam, and is thoroughly built as to every feature… She cost the owner $4000 for the materials, machinery, fittings and furniture.”

May 11, 1915 [SBMP]: “Captain Eden’s new powerboat, the Barbareña, which was taken from his residence on Figueroa Street last Saturday to the beach at the foot of State Street to be launched, was put into the water yesterday afternoon. At low tide, about 1 o’clock, the new boat, on a framework resting on a house-moving truck with big wooden wheels, was run down to the water’s edge with block and tackle, under her own gravity, and left for the next high tide. When this came, about 6 o’clock, with the aid of a line from the Sea Wolf, the Barbareña was pulled off the truck and into the water and taken to its mooring in the bay, off the commercial wharf. Captain Eden will give his boat her first voyage in the trip to Sa Pedro, where he will go through the necessary legal procedure in having is craft measured and registered, and then come back to Santa Barbara with her…”

May 23, 1915 [SBMP]: “New boat tested. Several times during the past week Captain Eden has had his new powerboat, the Barbareña, out for a spin on the bay to test her engine and her sailing qualifications in general. The boat has shown good work, and she will soon be taken to San Pedro by her owner for registry at the custom house, after which she will be brought back here to be put into the island excursion traffic.”