Bertha M

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Bertha M (#) (-1934)

In the News~

August 6, 1934 [SDET]:Bertha M sinks on trip in tow. Damaged when it struck a rock Saturday near Pyramid Cove, San Clemente Island, the 56-foot cabin cruiser Bertha M, owned by Oliver Moorshead of La Jolla, sank yesterday when it was being towed to San Diego by a Coast Guard vessel. The accident occurred when five residents from here — J. W. Sefton, Dick Robinson, Luther Kennett, Coronado: Tom Hammond and Moorshead — were enroute from San Diego to Santa Monica to attend the championship star boat regatta there this week. The party left Friday, spending Friday night at Pyramid Cove. The Bertha M struck the rock at 10 a.m. Saturday, but was unable to return to Pyramid Cove. It sank yesterday about half way between San Clemente and San Diego as it was in tow.”

August 9, 1934 [Coronado Eagle and Journal]: “Local citizen figures in near sea tragedy. Luther Kennett, 1105 Alameda Avenue, with four other prominent men of San Diego, narrowly escaped drowning last Saturday, when their boat struck a submerged rock near San Clemente Island. Besides Mr. Kennett, the party included J. W. Sefton, Dick Robinson, Tom Hammond and Oliver Moorshead, owner of the boat, the Bertha M, a 56-foot cruiser. En route to a boat regatta at Santa Monica, the party spent Friday night at a cove on San Clemente Island. Shortly after starting out Saturday morning their boat struck the rock and the party returned to the cove, where they were picked up by a Coast Guard vessel. An attempt was made to tow the damaged cruiser to San Diego, but it sank on the way.”