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Billcona (#251907) (1943-1952), a 67-foot tug pulling a cattle-laden barge owned by Vail & Vickers of Santa Rosa Island ran aground at Morse Point on the south side of Santa Cruz Island on June 23, 1952. She had picked up a load of 300 fattened cattle for at Bechers Bay on Santa Rosa Island, and was headed back to Port Hueneme when the grounding occurred. The cattle were shoved off the barge to swim ashore with the aid of several Coast Guard crew. Although the tug, owned by Pacific Tug and Barge was saved, the Vail & Vickers barge was lost. Once ashore, the cattle were rounded up, driven first to Christy Ranch, and then across Santa Cruz Island to Prisoners’ Harbor where they were shipped in several loads via the Santa Cruz Island Company’s schooner Santa Cruz, to the mainland. Cowboys Bill Wallace, Jesus Bracamontes and Muñaso Cuevas came over from Santa Rosa Island to help ship the cattle. [MVUS 1953/1954]