Black Point, Santa Cruz Island

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Black Point, Santa Cruz Island (Punta Negra), is located at the coastal head of Black Canyon on the south shore of the island. It forms the northwestern end of Christy Beach. In 1874 Stehman Forney placed a triangulation station

“near the edge of the sea bluff, on the west side of Black Point, the first prominent point to the north and east of the West End ranch house, and formed by a large black rock.”

In 1834, Charles K. Green added the site was “about 120 meters inshore from the tip of Black Point. The best way to reach the station is to make a boat landing on the rocks directly below the station on Black Point.” This place name appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet A topographic map. When the island was partitioned in 1925, this location was included in Tract No. 2 appointed to Fred F. Caire. [UTM 11: North 3,770,134 East 233,593].