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Breakwater (#3120) (1880-1918), 201-foot two-masted iron-hulled passenger and freight vessel built in Pennsylvania with a homeport of San Francisco. She had two decks and carried 40 crew. According to Santa Cruz Island Company invoices, she delivered supplies to the island in 1916 while she was owned by the Southern Pacific Company:

  • February 12, 1916 Breakwater delivered such items as raw sugar, dog towels, salt blocks, matches, soap, harness traces and 1000 Toscani cigars;
  • February 26, 1916: plug tobacco, Five Brothers tobacco, Bull Durham tobacco, and green paint for wagons;
  • July 24, 1916: staves for barrel, keg and puncheon-making, tins of coffee, a milk pail and a Nantucket Driver.

In 1918 under the ownership of the Mexican Fruit and Steamship Company, Breakwater was stranded due to bad weather and declared a total loss in Zapotitlan, Mexico. One crewman was lost.