Buena Ventura Mining Company

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Buena Ventura Mining Company was incorporated on April 27, 1863 in San Francisco by 15 men, two of whom were also incorporators of the Santa Cruz Island Company six years later (in 1869): Justinian Caire and Nicolas Larco. Its purpose was “to form a joint stock company with a capital of at least $30,000 to be used to purchase and trade mines, etc.” The object of the corporation was to “carry out the business in mining, ditching and reducing ores in California.” Justinian Caire was elected President of the Trustees, and Nicolas Larco was elected Treasurer. The corporation, with headquarters in San Francisco, was set to exist for 50 years.

In the News~

March 28, 1913 [OC]: “R. W. Porter, secretary of the Buena Ventura Mining Company, has received a very flattering report from the company’s mining engineer and superintendent at the mines in northern San Bernardino county, in the Avawatz mountains… The company is composed of Ventura men — Wm. McGuire, R. C. Sudden, R. W. Porter, George Shafer, Allan Fraser, Edgar Orton and C. S. Van Dorn — and the news of their success in ‘striking it rich’ will be of interest to their many friends.”