Bueno Amor de Roma

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Bueno Amor de Roma (#) (-), fishing vessel in the Larco fleet that accidentally discovered the tragedy at Honda — the nine U.S. Destroyers that followed their leader through blinding fog onto the rocks at Point Honda on September 8, 1923. This remains America's largest naval peacetime disaster.

In the News~

September 10, 1923 [SBDN]: “Captain G. Noceti of the fishing boat Bueno Amor de Roma, one of the Larco fishing boats, with four men of his fishing craft played a heroic part in the rescue of the refugees of the destroyers Woodbury and Fuller... The Roma found herself trolling past a wreck. The dim outline of the Destroyer Fuller could be seen through the veil of fog. Putting in closer, Captain Noceti discovered men clinging to the bare rocks...”