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Bumblebee (#) (-)

In the News~

August 11, 1900 [SBMP]: “Mr. Higgins of Carpinteria, while out in his launch Bumblebee off the Sexton Ranch at Goleta, caught 57 barracuda and yellowtail. This beats the sailboat record of the season.”

July 9, 1901 [SBMP]: “The launches Bumblebee and Chispa, towing the yacht Ariel, left port yesterday morning for the islands with a party of 20 people. Messrs. Short and Higgins were in charge. They will be absent several days and paint the boats.”

July 14, 1901 [SBMP]: “The launch Chispa will cross the channel this morning with Henry Short at the helm, and R. Tollman, Alfred Hayward, Lucien Higgins, and Miss Laughlin as passengers. The Bumblebee will also go across in tow of the Chispa.”