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Rossi Mausoleum,
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery,
Colma, CA

CAIRE, Amelie Apolline (1861-1917), fourth child of Justinian and Albina Caire. In 1880 when she was 19 years old, she married Pietro Carlo Rossi (1855-1911) on December 26, 1880 at St. Mary’s Church, San Francisco. They had 14 children, 10 of whom survived.

  • Albert (1882-1887) died of diphtheria at age 4
  • Maria Rossi (1883-1960)
  • Sophia Rossi (1885-1891)* died of scarlet fever
  • Luigi "Freddy" (1887-1891) died of meningitis
  • Edmund Arthur Rossi (1888-1974)*~twin
  • Robert Dominic Rossi (1888-1961)*~twin
  • Esther Albina Rossi (1890-1968)*
  • Marguerite Aimee Rossi (1892-1985)~nun
(Sister M. Aimee Rossi Music Scholarship, University of San Diego)
  • Amelie Olga Rossi (1894-1983)~nun
(Sacred Heart Order)
  • Beatrice Valerie Rossi [Torrens] (1896-1989)*
  • Gioberto (1897-1899)
  • Albina Christine Rossi [Wall] (1899-1988)*
  • Eleanor Lillian Rossi [ODonnell] (1901-1991)*
  • Pietro Carlo Rossi (1902-1992)~priest

Asterisk = interred in Rossi maosoleum, Colma, CA

Frederick Caire Chiles writes: "Amelie was the first of the siblings to marry... It was for the sake of many of these children that Amelie would stay at her mother and father's house on Harrison Street in Oakland for weeks at a time to partake of the perceived healthier climate of the East Bay and to make use of the extra help provided by her sisters and mother. Two of Amelie's children were born in the house of her parents, and three died there of the then-common childhood diseases meningitis, diphtheria and scarlet fever."

Amelie was widowed on October 8, 1911 when her husband, Pietro Rossi, was killed in a buggy accident at Asti when he was 54 years old. She and ten children survived him. Oldest daughter, María, married San Francisco attorney Ambrose Gherini, who represented both Amelie, through her son Edmund, and Amelie’s sister Aglae Capuccio, in the court action against the Santa Cruz Island Company beginning in 1913.

Amelie died in San Francisco on March 15, 1917 at age 56, six years after the death of her husband, and seven years before her mother, Albina. She did not live to see the island partitioned.

» Amelie Apolline Rossi; Santa Cruz Island Company litigation

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