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Justy and Marcia Caire entering the chapel
Main Ranch, Santa Cruz Island
Carpinteria Cemetery

CAIRE, Justinian II “Justy” (1906-1987)[SS#555-28-5733], grandson of Justinian Caire and son of Arthur and Mary Caire. The Caire family had an interest in Santa Cruz Island from 1869 to 1937 when they sold the western portion of the island to the Stanton family. Justy Caire worked for his father on the island as a young man. Following his uncle, Frederic Caire, Justy was island superintendent from 1932-1937. He was 31 when the island sold to the Stantons, and when he was offered a job by the Stantons, he continued to work on the island for several more years. Shortly after he married Marcia Burnheim (1905-1987), Justy moved to the mainland to begin a new life. They had three children:

1. Yvonne Marie Caire (b. 1939) = Joseph Manuel Head IV (b. 1939)
1. Joseph Manuel Head V (b. 1962) = Yvette Louise Scott (b. 1965)
1. Joseph Manuel Head VI (b. 1994)
2. Marisa Daenne Hed (b. 1999)
3. Rochelle Nicole Head (b. 1999)
2. Jeanmarie Head (b. 1964) = Andrew John Kennedy (b. 1966)
1. Kyle Davis Kennedy (b. 1992)
2. Thomas Justinian Kennedy (b. 1995)
3. Lisa [Lisé] Kathleen Head (b. 1965)
4. Colleen Marie Head (b. 1969) = Daniel John Kees (b. 1973)
2. Jacquline Caire (b. 1941)
3. Justinian Caire III (b. 1948)

Carey Stanton learned much of the island’s history from Justy Caire, and they remained lifelong friends. Justy died in 1987, just one month after his wife's death. In their memory, Carey Stanton placed cenotaphs for Justy and Marcia Caire in the chapel cemetery on Santa Cruz Island.

NOVEMBER 14, 1981. INTERVIEW WITH JUSTY CAIRE. Caire was interviewed by Marla Daily in his home in Carpinteria, CA. Present were Justy Caire and his wife, Marcia Caire.

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In the News~

October 4, 1931 [OT]: “Miss Jean Kathleen Curtis, fiancée of Mr. Justinian Caire, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Caire of this city, will return from New York about November 1… Plans for her marriage to Mr. Caire will be completed in the spring.”

December 16, 1931 [OT]: “Postmaster friend’s son discloses secret wedding. The secret wedding of Jean Kathleen Curtis, Berkeley society girl, and Roger Babson Friend, son of Postmaster and Mrs. William Nat Friend, in New York on December 1 was revealed here today… East bay society circles also were stirred by the announcement for when Miss Curtis left here several weeks ago to visit her sister… she was engaged to Justinian Caire, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Caire…”

June 26, 1937 [LAT/SB]: “Plane rescues heir on island. Due to prompt rescue by a Coast Guard plane, Justinian Caire, scion of the family which has owned Santa Cruz Island for nearly a hundred years until its recent sale, was reported recovering in a Santa Barbara hospital last night from serious injuries in an accident on the island. The Coast Guard base at San Pedro was notified at daylight yesterday by the United States Lighthouse Service radio station on Anacapa Island that Caire was lying injured at Prisoners’ Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. In two hours, Lieutenant R. L. Grantham flew a Douglas amphibian patrol plane up from San Diego, took Caire aboard and flew him to Santa Barbara, where he was transferred to the Coast Guard patrol boat Ewing for hospitalization. Caire is superintendent of the Caire Rancho, picturesque farm community of French feudal type, which was retained by his family when the remainder of Santa Cruz Island was sold.”

June 17, 1938 [SJEN]: "Miss Marcia Bernheim, one of the season's bride elects, who is the finacee of Justinian Caire II of Santa Barbara, was honored guest at a luncheon given by Miss Margatite Espinosa of Palo Alto. Entertaining at the Allied Arts Guild, the guests of the afternoon were... Lucile Caire, Vivien Caire, Miriam Caire, Delphine Caire..."

December 30, 1938 [LAT]: “Miss Barbara Jo Paxton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Paxton of Santa Barbara, has just returned from Santa Cruz Island, where she was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Justinian Caire of Oakland.”