CAIRE, Miriam Frances

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Caire girls at Prisoners' Harbor:
Vivienne “Vivi” (left) Lucille “Lulu” (middle),
Miriam “Miri” (right).
Vivienne and Miriam are the daughters of Fred Caire; Lucille is the daughter of Arthur Caire.
<center>Caire family, Santa Cruz, 1920s:
Rear left to right: Jeanne, Helene, Fred, Lillian Suich Caire, May Suich Caire, a friend, Miriam
Front left to right: George Olsen, Delphine “Didi”, Marie, Vivienne “Vivi”, a friend

CAIRE, Miriam Frances (1912-1999)[SS#566-30-2454], granddaughter of Justinian Caire; third child born to Arthur and Mary Caire. She never married.