CAREY, Harold Davies

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Harold D. Carey, Santa Cruz Island

CAREY, Harold “Jack” Davies (December 20, 1889-April 4, 1947 1947)[SS#563-05-3319] was Carey Stanton’s maternal uncle, the older brother of his mother, Evelyn Carey Stanton. He was born on December 20, 1889 in Michigan. Jack Carey, 57, died in Los Angeles on April 4, 1947 and was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery. In 1978, his cremains were reinterred in the cemetery on Santa Cruz by Carey Stanton.

In the News~

April 8, 1947 [LAT]: “Funeral services for H. D. Jack Carey, general manager and director of the Selenium Corp. of America, will be conducted today at 4 P.M., at Pierce Brothers Chapel, 720 W. Washington Blvd., cremation to follow. He leaves his sister, Mrs. Edwin Locksley Stanton, and a nephew, Dr. Carey Stanton.”