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CARLSON, John Ingomar (1862-1971), born Johan Ingomar Larsson, in Göteborg, Sweden, April 10, 1862, was a naturalist and collector with particular interests in herpetology and entomology. His father, Lars Carlson had become an American citizen naturalized during the Gold Rush, and later returned to California with is wife and children.

Carlson, as custodian of the Cal. Academy's museum, helped, along with Alice Eastwood an a few others to salvage the Academy's collections after the 1906 earthquake.

In 1910 Carlson made considerable collection in Yuma County, Arizona and Maricopa County, California. General assistant at the California Academy of Sciences as early as 1916 and continuing through 1921, Carlson contributed many specimens to the various Academy collections, including a bat he collected on Santa Catalina Island on July 21, 1910 and an island sheep skull collected he collected on September 15, 1910. A new species of Miocene shell found on the Oregon coast, Turris carlsoni, was named in his honor in 1914. In 1915 he also collected plants at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.

Carlson died in San Mateo, January 10, 1925, as noted in the Academy President's annual report. His brother, James G. Carlson was a locally noted artist.

Carlson collected on:

  • Santa Catalina Island (1910)

Island Collections~
Santa Catalina Island J. I. Carlson CAS July 21, 1910 CAS-3662 Myotis californicus californicus Mammals