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Nelson Kitwood Carpenter (1885-1956)

CARPENTER, Nelson Kitwood (1885-1956) was the Missouri-born son of Henry Nelson Carpenter (1854-1955) and Flora Lavinia Belman Carpenter (1857-1958). By 1898, the Carpenter family had moved from Missouri to Escondido, near San Diego, in Southern California. Carpenter was a graduate of Stanford University, Class of 1907.

Nelson K. Carpenter = [1912] Jessa Mae Plunkett (1888-1986)

* Gracia Mae Carpenter [Ogden] (1916-1991) [SS#547-16-9808]

Carpenter became a life-long birder, and on March 8, 1922, he collected two sets of bald eagle eggs on San Clemente Island [WFVZ 83453; 52453].

Carpenter died at age 71 in San Diego, California on June 7, 1956. He is buried in Oak Hill Memorial Park, Escondido, San Diego, CA.

Carpenter's lifetime of original ornithological correspondence is in the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, along with eggs he collected.

In the News~

May 6, 1904 [Stanford Daily]: “Ornithological Club to meet. The regular monthly meeting of the Cooper Ornithological Club of California will be held at the residence of Professor O. P. Jenkins, 3 Lausen Street, tomorrow evening. The speakers for the evening are: Assistant Professor J. O. Snyder, whose subject is "Notes on the Junco, Hyemalis thurberi"; C. S. Thompson '04, who will speak on "A bit of Early Ornithological Literature"; and Nelson Carpenter, '07, who will speak on "Bird Life on the San Luis Rey.”

Island Collections~
San Clemente Island Nelson K. Carpenter WFVZ March 6, 1922 WFVZ-56626 Haliaeetus leucocephalus Eggs
San Clemente Island Nelson K. Carpenter WFVZ March 8, 1922 WFVZ-83453 Haliaeetus leucocephalus Eggs