CARRAHER, Alfred Augustus

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CARRAHER, Alfred Augustus (1865-1918), born in Carroll Township, Illinois, and died July 08, 1916 in Antelope Valley, California. He married Bertha Ferrin (1869-1948) on December 29, 1897 in Avalon, Catalina Island, California, daughter of Joseph Ferrin and Mary Hannah Jefferies. They had children:

  • Ruth Carraher (b. June 16, 1899, Avalon-1976)
  • Kenneth Ferrin Carraher (1900-1968)
  • Alberta Carraher [Parker] (1905-1983)
  • Alfred A. Carraher 1909-1980)

Alfred Augustus Carraher was the postmaster at Avalon from 1892-1896. In 1914 he served as second mayor of Avalon (after Joseph Henry Stamford). He owned a grocery store destroyed in the 1915 Avalon fire. He also owned a large collection of Native American artifacts from the island.

In the News~

June 30, 1894 [LAH]: “Last Tuesday Mr. McKenzie's boy fell from the wharf into the water and came near being drowned, but was rescued by Mr. A. A. Carraher, the postmaster.”