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CARILLO, Carlos Antonio de Jesus (1784-1852), eldest son of Jose Raymundo Carillo, who had arrived in Alta California in 1769 as a soldier with Father Junipero Serra's first expedition to Alta California. Like his father, Carlos Carrillo became a soldier. At age 14 in Monterey, CA he became a soldado distinguido. From 1811-1825, he served as a sergeant in Santa Barbara, defending the area from both Hippolyte de Bouchard's invasion, as well as against rebel Indians in 1824. In 1827 Carrillo entered politics and was elected to Congress (1830-1832). In 1837 he was appointed governor of Alta California under Mexico.

Carlos Carrillo (1784-1852) = [1808] Maria Felipa de Jesus Castro (1792-1853)

1. Jose Gertrudis Carmelo Carrillo (1810-1871)
2. Maria Josefa Petra del Carmen Carrillo (1812-1883)
3. Maria de la Encarnacion Carrillo (1814-1876)
4. Maria Francisca Carrillo (1816-1851) = Alpheus B. Thompson
5. Pedro Catarino Carrillo (1818-1888)
6. Manuela Antonia Carrillo (1820-1900) = John C. Jones
7. Maria Antonia Carrillo (1822-1843)
8. Jose de Jesus Antonio Inocente de la Trinidad Carrillo (1824-1853)
9. Maria Tomasa Edwiges Carrillo (1827-1851)
10. Maria Edwiges Carrillo (1829-1848)

On October 3, 1843, Carlos Antonio de Jesus Carrillo (1784-1852) and his brother, José Antonio Ezequiel Carrillo (1796-1862) were granted Santa Rosa Island by Governor Micheltorena. They owned the island for less than a month, and on November 2, 1843 they sold the island to Carlos' married daughters, Francisca and Manuela for $3,300, “one half in silver money of good quality and the other half in goods.“

Sons-in-law Alpheus B. THompson and John C. Jones became the new owners of Santa Rosa Island.