CARRILLO, Manuela Antonia

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CARRILLO, Manuela Antonia (1820-1900), daughter of Carlos Carrillo (6th of 10 children), married American John Coffin Jones at Mission Santa Barbara on June 4, 1838.

On November 2, 1843, a month after the Carrillo brothers, Carlos and Jose Antonio, were granted Santa Rosa Island by Governor Micheltorena on October 3, 1843, they assigned their rights to two of ten children born to Carlos Antonio Carrillo and his wife, Josefa Raymunda Castro (1792-1853): daughters, Maria Francisca (1816-1851) and Manuela Antonia (1820-1900). These sisters were married to two Americans, Alpheus Basil Thompson (1797-1869) and John Coffin Jones (1796-1861), who entered into a partnership to occupy and operate the island. They paid José and Carlos Carrillo $3300, “one half in silver money of good quality and the other half in goods.”

» Jones, John Coffin

» Carrillo, Jose Antonio

In the News~

April 21, 1855 [Los Angeles Star]: “U.S. District Court. The following are the land cases in which issue has been joined, and will be tried during the present term: ...No. 56. Manuela Carrillo de Jones, et. al. vs. U.S. for Island of Santa Rosa.”