CASPER, Joseph H.

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CASPER, Joseph H. (c. 1939-1973), age 34, drowned while SCUBA diving at Little Geiger Cove, Santa Catalina Island, on August 26, 1973.

In the News~

August 27, 1973 [LBI]: “Attempt to save diver fails. A 34-year-old Riverside man drowned Sunday west of the Isthmus off Santa Catalina Island in a diving accident, authorities said. County lifeguards said Joseph H. Casper and Dennis Rattig, 30, of 10721 Sheddon Drive, Loma Linda, were diving in Little Geiger Cove from the boat Atlantis about 9:30 a.m. when Casper's underwater breathing gear failed. Rattig shared his air with Casper as both men swam to the surface, lifeguards said, but the victim disappeared before he could reach the top. His body was recovered an hour later, lifeguards said.”