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Gio Batta Castagnola (7/15/1868-3/9/1945) and his brother, Salvatore Castagnola, visited California from Genoa, Italy, aboard square-rigged merchant ships in 1896, before moving to Santa Barbara in 1904. Gio Batta Castagnola & his wife, Angelina Ghio Castagnola (6/16/1872-10/3/1944), came to Santa Barbara with their three oldest sons (Baptisto, Albert, and Victor), and Gio's brother, Salvatore. Gio and Angelina had five sons:

1. Battista Salvatore “Joe” Castagola (7/15/1901- 4/6/1966)
2. Andrea [Andrew] “Babe” Castagnola (3/3/1903-9/8/1981) = Barbara Gosnell
a. Andrew Gail Castagnola (1933-1954)
b. Meredith Mae Castagnola (b. 1938)
3. Mario Milo Castagnola (12/2/1906-4/14/1997) = Gladys Irene (12/25/1899-5/15/1983)
4. George Virginio Castagnola (3/2/1908-2/24/1986) [buried in SB Cemetery]= Rena Guerra (1908-1999)
a. Virginia Castagnola (b. 1934)
b. Renee Marie Castagnola (b. 1937)
George bought the boat, Santa Lucia, from his father
5. Lino S. Castagnola (1910-1993)

Gio Batta and his wife, Angelina, are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA.

In the News~

March 9, 1945 [SBNP]: “G. B. Castagnola claimed by death. Gio Batta Castagnola, who for many years pursued the occupation of a fisherman in waters off Santa Barbara, died at the home of his son, Joseph Castagnola, 327 West Cota Street, early Friday morning. His death followed the demise of his wife by several months. A native of Italy, Mr. Castagnola leaves several sons. Funeral and burial services have not been announced.”