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Brothers Gio Batta Castagnola and Salvatore Castagnola visited California from Genoa, Italy, aboard square-rigged merchant ships in 1896, before moving to Santa Barbara in 1904. Gio Batta (1869-1945) & his wife, Angelina Ghio Castagnola, came to Santa Barbara with their three oldest sons (Baptisto, Albert, and Victor), and Gio's brother, Salvatore. Two years later, Salvatore sent for his sweetheart, Cesira, and they wed in Santa Barbara on August 15, 1906. Gio and Angelina had five children, all sons, and Salvatore and Cesira had eleven children, eight sons and three daughters. Gio Batta and his wife are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Santa Barbara, CA.

(Left to right, front row) Battista "Joe," Virginito "George," Lino, Mario Milo, Andrew "Babe."
(Back row) Gio Batta (Father), Angelina Ghio Castagnola (Mother)

Gio and Salvatore built skiffs and started a wholesale fish business that eventually expanded to include a fleet of boats that competed with the Larco Brothers in the early years.

Gio Batta Castagnola (7/15/1868-3/9/1945) of Genoa, Italy = Angela Ghio (6/16/1872-10/3/1944)

1. Battista Salvatore “Joe” Castagola (7/15/1901- 4/6/1966)
2. Andrea “Babe” Castagnola (3/3/1903-9/8/1981) = Barbara Gosnell
a. Andrew Gail Castagnola (1933-1954)
b. Meredith Mae Castagnola (b. 1938)
3. Mario Milo Castagnola (12/2/1906-4/14/1997) = Gladys Irene (12/25/1899-5/15/1983)
4. George Virginio Castagnola (3/2/1908-2/24/1986) [buried in SB Cemetery]= Rena Guerra (1908-1999)
a. Virginia Castagnola (b. 1934)
b. Renee Marie Castagnola (b. 1937)
George bought the boat, Santa Lucia, from his father
5. Lino S. Castagnola (1910-1993)

[Emilio] Salvatore Castagnola (5/22/1876-12/25/1959) = [m. Aug. 15, 1906] Cesira María Ghio (6/8/1890-10/14/1974)

1. Baptisto Laurence Castagnola (11/22/1908-4/23/1996) = Leonilda Urso Piave (1918- 2009)
a. Loretta Cecilia Castagnola (b. 1937) = Lester Lawrence
b. Priscilla Inez Castagnola (1942-2009) = Richard Vasquez
c. Deana Josephine Castagnola (b. 1948) = Bill Norton
2. Albert E. Castagnola (3/15/1910-10/21/1993) = m. 3 times
= (m. 1934) Annie Dorothy Maidwell (1910-1980)
a. Alberto Salvatore Castagnola (b. 1935)
b. Arthur Andrew Castagnola (b. 1937)
c. Linda Ann Castagnola (b. 1939)
d. Adriana Lisa Castagnola (b. 1946)
= Cynthia
= (m. 1972) Naomi Goulet (1924-2003)
3. Victor Manuel “Nonie” Castagola (5/22/1911-12/19/1997) = (1945) Georgette “Mickey” Deputy (1917-2005)

no children; El Sole; Cecilia

4. Mary Orsolina Castagnola (1913-2012) [m. 1932 = Bernard “Benny” Acquistapace (1913-1999); 60 years]
a. Edward Benjamin Acquistapace (b. 1938)
b. Bernard Louis Acquistapace (b. 1946)
5. Eva Angelina Castagnola (b. 3/30/1914 ) [= m. 1933] Joseph Anthony Bregante (1910-1999) []
a. George Joseph Bregante (b. 1940)
b. David Angelo Bregante (b. 1943)
c. Thomas Anthony Bregante (b. 1945)
d. Diane Elizabeth Bregante (b. 1948)
e. Donald Michael Bregante (b. 1951~twin)
f. Ronald Stephen Bregante (b. 1951~twin) (2/9/1951-6/7/1973)
g. Lawrence John Bregante (b. 1953~twin)
h. Lorraine Teresa Bregate (b. 1953~twin)
6. Della Lena Castagnola (b. 6/6/1915) [= m. ] John Anthony Malengo (11/2/1908-3/7/1976) widow
a. Gloria (b. 1939)
b. John Anthony Malengo, Jr. (b. 1943)
c. Dario Salvatore Malengo (b. 1945)
d. Marilyn Louise Malengo (b. 1948)
e. Mary Ann Malengo (b. 1952)
f. Marlene Malengo (b. 1961)
7. Laurence “Jackson” Castagnola (1918-2006) [m. twice:
= Maxine
a. Maureen Castagnola [Lawson]
b. Tim Castagnola
= Kathryn E. McClellan/divorced 1970
8. Dario Peter Castagnola (7/17/1919-4/5/1997) = m. (1941) Dorothy Batzianis (1921-2005)
[Batzianis is descendant of George Nidever]; Sal C
a. Richard Allen Castagnola (b. 1947)
b. Karen Castagnola (b. 1949)
9. George Silvio Castagnola (b.1923-2013) = Betty
10. Americo John “Mack” Castagnola (1926-1/20/2009)[m. Lilabeth M. Davis/ divorced 1970]
a. Americo J. Castagnola (b. 1960)
b. Salvatore L. Castagnola (1962-1986)
c. Cecilia M. Casgagnola (1963-1997)
11. Italio Fred “Sonny” Castagnola (b. 1928) = Caroline

Castagnola Fishing Vessels:

  • North America
  • St. Patrick
  • Pelican
  • St. Lucia
  • Santa Clara
  • Rex
  • U.S. Republic
  • San Simeon I
  • San Simeon II
  • San Simeon III
  • Riva
  • Dollar
  • Alpino
  • Sportsmen

In the News~

October 15, 1925 [SBMP]: “Season opens for crawfish… Several camps have been established on the Channel Islands…Fishermen establish camps on Channel Islands… Captain Castagnola will have boats off Goleta during the season, and Captain Charles Hanson is locating off Summerland…”