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CHAFFEE, Walter Scott (1834-1894), New York-born businessman and rancher who arrived in Ventura in 1861 and married Rebecca Olivia “Ollie” Nidever (1847-1907), daughter of John Marion Nidever, on September 11, 1865. John’s younger brother, George, was the well-known otter hunter who rescued the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island in 1853. Walter and Ollie had ten children:

  • Walter Scott “W. L.” (1866-1936)
  • Mary (1868-1880)
  • John “Hyde” (1869-1950)
  • Arthur Leslie “A. L.” 1870-1929)
  • Helen Lenore (1872-1953)
  • Ethel Martha (1878-1974)
  • Lawrence Wayne (1880-1940)
  • Chester Chauncy (1883-1960)
  • Bessie Marguerite (1887-1966)

[Yda Storke p. 484-85]

“In 1865-6, Mr. Chaffee of San Buenaventura offered me [George Nidever] $10,000 for San Miguel Island, but finding that there was no purchaser to be found who would pay him in advance of from $2000 to $3000 on this sum, he backed out.” [Ellison: Nidever (76-77)].