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CHASE, Al ( - )

In the News~

April 1, 1914 [SBMP]: “New commander. The engineer’s license of the powerboat, Gussie M, owned by Captain Eaton, has been transferred to Captain Al Chase, who has an unlimited license that enables him to take charge of the engine on a craft of any that is run by a gasoline engine or engines. Captain Chase’s first trip as master was the run yesterday to San Miguel Island, taking Captain Waters, his brother John, and a dozen sheep shearers who will start the semi-annual wool clip.”

April 1, 1914 [SBDNI]: “Captain Ira K. Eaton of the Gussie M left last night for San Francisco intending to return by April 25 with his new power launch, the Sea Wolf, which is rapidly nearing completion there. He will be joined later in the month by Mrs. Eaton and a party of friends, who will make the maiden trip south with the new vessel. Captain Albert Chase is now in charge of the Gussie M, having taken over Captain Eaton’s license.”

March 21, 1917 [SBMP]: “The Sea Wolf leaves today for San Miguel Island this morning with a dozen sheep shearers who will commence the wool clip on the island flock, a work that will require about two weeks. In the absence of the owner of the boat, Captain Eaton, who is confined to his home by illness, the craft will be sailed by Captain Al Chase.”