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CHESTER, Mrs. C. ( -1901), young bride who died in a fall on Santa Catlaina Island on a hike with her husband after taking an overdose of morphine.

In the News~

August 4, 1901 [LAH]: “Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. August 3. The tragic death of Mrs. C. Chester, whose body was found in a canyon about a mile from the beach at the south end of the island and west of Catalina Harbor, has very much disturbed the usually even tenor of summer life at Catalina. Mr. and Mrs. Chester had been only a week at the Isthmus, going there from Swanfeldt Camp, where they had spent several weeks. They were young and supposed to be bride and groom. On Wednesday afternoon they went for a walk, and when it grew dark and they had not returned, Camp Superintendent Toland became anxious about them, but thinking they had probably gone to the pumping station, did not make any search for them. On Thursday morning, however, their continued to absence resulted in the institution of a search, but ignorance of the route they had taken resulted in a great loss of time. Learning that they had not gone to the pumping station, the Isthmus people began a search in the hills, and finally saw moving on the crest of a distant hill the figure of a man. When they reached the place they found Mr. Chester in an apparently demented condition and he told of an accident which he said led to his wife’s death. They were walking, he said, on the edge of a precipice, when Mrs. Chester missed her footing and fell, hurting herself badly. She refused, so he said, to allow him to leave her for assistance, and he remained with her until she died. The body was found and brought to the Isthmus, where the inquest was held. There was no evidence of any accident, but the woman had evidentally taken an overdose of morphine, to which she had become addicted through its use for heart trouble. She died, it is supposed, on Thrusday night between 8 o’clock and and midnight. Mr. Chester had wandered over the hills all Thursday night and all day Friday. Mr. Chester fully recovered his mind, but is suffering from the nervous shock and fatigue.”