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188# Marlin Swordfish taken by Winston Churchill (left) at Santa Catalina Island.
Captain Monte Foster (center). Ben Meyer (right).

CHURCHILL, Winston (1874-1965)

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In the News~

September 25, 1929 [The Catalina Islander]: “Winston Churchill, noted English statesman, went fishing in Santa Catalina Island waters with Ben Meyer on Lee Philips' launch UR2, to see what they could find in the way of fish. Within 20 minutes the distinguished visitor had a strike, brought his fish safely to gaff, and within 40 minutes the party was back at Avalon. The catch was taken to the Tuna Club, weighed, and it proved to be a marlin swordfish weighing 188 pounds.”

September 3, 1930 [The Catalina Islander]: “The Hon. Winston Churchill was thought to have asked the impossible, and attained it, last year with the taking of a marlin swordfish during one hour's time, which he stipulated was the limit he could give to the sport.”