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CIPRIANO, Frank ( -2010)

In the News~

August 9, 2010 [LAT]: “Coast Guard ends search for missing Catalina boater. The U.S. Coast Guard on Monday called off its efforts to find a missing boater off the coast of Santa Catalina Island, ending a nearly 24-hour search. Frank Cipriano, 45, has been missing since about 10:45 a.m. Sunday, when his shipmates on The Indecent Proposal, a vessel anchored in Cherry Cove, woke up to find that he was no longer aboard. The Indecent Proposal's dinghy was found about a mile away in Eagle Reef. Two Coast Guard cutters and a helicopter scoured about 144 square miles of ocean, according to spokesman Matthew Schofield, but they found no trace of Cipriano. Cipriano is about 160 pounds and was last seen wearing a polo T-shirt and black board shorts, according to the Coast Guard.”