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CLEMENT, Augste (?-?), Frenchman, Civil Engineer and superintendent on Santa Cruz Island for the Caire family for the nineteen month period from November 1895 into May 1897. According to ranch records, up to 57 men constituted the work force for the 1897 spring sheep round-up. On April 25, the superintendent gave orders for all men to work on the coming Sunday, normally a rest day, due to all the sheep rounded-up in the corrals awaiting shearing. The foreman, Benedetto, undermined Clement’s authority by telling some of the men they could take the day off. As a result, all the workmen, except ten, refused to work. Such confusion was deemed gross mismanagement by the Caires. Arthur Caire traveled from San Francisco to the island, demanding and accepting Cement’s resignation on May 12, 1897.