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CLEMENT, Leo (?-?)

In the News~

March 16, 1904 [SBMP]: “Boy towed by a monster fish. Exciting experience of Leo Clement on Santa Cruz Island. Leo Clement, the young man who runs one of the pleasure launches at Santa Cruz Island, had a novel and thrilling experience Sunday while fishing for sheepshead.” He was fishing from shore when he hooked a “fair sized fish.” As he was reeling it to the surface, “an unrecognized denizen of the deep” seized it, jerking Clement into the sea. Onlookers saw him being towed out to sea and went to his rescue in a launch, thinking he had become tangled in his line and was unable to release it. Clement had intended to stay with his catch in hopes of victory.

March 18, 1904 [LAT/SB]: “Leo Clement, a young man who runs one of the power launches belonging to the Santa Cruz Island Company, had an exciting experience a day or so ago while fishing from one of the landings on the island. He was after sheepshead, and had just succeeded in hooking one and hauling it nearly to the surface when a monster fish of some species which he was not able to recognize, darted at this catch and swallowed fish, line and all. Clement held on to the line and was pulled into the water. Friends on shore hastened to get the skiff out and went to Clement’s rescue, thinking that he had become entangled in the line and might be drowned. Clement kept hold of the line and was towed about a quarter of a mile out to sea before the big fish sounded and forced him to let go.”