CORDERO, (Cardona?) Guillermo

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CORDERO, [Cardona?] Guillermo ( -1879), otter hunter working for Rogers Brothers who was accidentally shot and killed by his fellow hunter and friend, Antonio Cavalleri at Santa Rosa Island. After the accident, the man was buried on Santa Rosa Island.

In the News~

November 8, 1879 [SBWP]: “By the schooner Surprise, which arrived from Santa Rosa Island Saturday evening, intelligence is brought of the fatal shooting of Guillermo Cardona by Antonio Cavalleri. The two men, who were engaged as otter hunters by Rogers Brothers, were out in a boat in search of game. Cavalleri caught sight of an otter, and called to his companion that he was going to shoot. Cardona, who evidently did not hear what was said, suddenly turned his face towards his companion, when the gun in the hands of Cavalleri went off, the bullet striking Cordero in the center of the forehead. Cavalleri, from whom the account comes, says that the wounded man seemed to understand how the accident occurred, and smiling at him extended his hand as if in forgiving him. The other men of the party say that the two men were friends and there had been no quarreling of any kind between them. The gun used by Cavalleri was defective, and when cocked a very slight jar would release the hammer and allow it to strike the cartridge. Cordero lived about an hour, but did not speak after he was shot. He was buried the following day on the island.”

November 8, 1879 [SBWP]: “Antonio Cavalleri, who accidentally shot Guillermo Cordero at Santa Rosa Island on Monday last, today surrendered himself to the authorities, and asked an examination to be made in the shooting. This will save the expense of sending a coroner and jury over to the island to hold an inquest. Cavalleri states that the discharge of the gun was caused by his striking his elbow against the side of the boat as he attempted to raise it. He speaks in the warmest terms of Cordero, and expresses the deepest regret at the terrible fate which befell him.”