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COTA, Jose Inocente (1836- ), native Californio born in Santa Barbara, the sixth of eight children born to Manuel and Maria Antonia Cota. In the 1850 census:

  • Mariana Cota (23)
  • Jose Jesse Cota (19)
  • Louis Cota (17)
  • Maria Lesa Cota (16)
  • Manuela Cota (14)
  • Inocente Cota (13)
  • Romaldo Cota (11)
  • Ignacio Cota (5)

Inocente Cota worked on Santa Rosa Island in 1859. He married his wife, Maria Gertrude, in 1894 when he was 56. She was 25 years his junior. Their son, Inocente, was born in 1894 and died that same year. Son, Jose Ramon Cota, was born in 1895.

In the News~

October 21, 1859: “An account of the time and pay [$2861.32] of men employed by Abel Stearns received in the case of John C. Coffin vs. A. B. Thompson, et al. At the Island of Santa Rosa, commencing May 18th, 1859 and ending October 17, 1859, being five months: Francisco Guerrero, Jose Espinosa, Jose Rafael, Benjamin Sherman, Francisco Guevarro, Francisco Lopez, Francisco Lugo, Jose Ignacio, Gabriel Pollorerro, Pico Moreno, Jose Antonio Villa, Luis Arellanes, Francisco Blas, Primo, Jesus Coco, Jacobo, Jose Antonio, Francisco Bermudez, Milquerez, Jose Duvan, Inocente Cota, Robert Teare (cook), Clemente Espinosa, Felipe Abila, Luis Cota, Reyez Lorenzana, Jose Maria Valenzuela, Demesio Romero, Francisco Cota, Ilarion Ruiz, Antonio Maria Rodriguez, Guadalupe Robles, Juan Romero, Anastacio Romero, Jose Maria, Marcelo Arias, Dixey W. Thompson, services as agent for reveiver. Dixey W. Thompson, being duly sworn, says that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of the time of service and wages of men employed at the Island of Santa Rosa by Abel Stearns, reveiver in the case of John C. Jones and A. B. Thompson et al… Dixey W. Thompson.” [Huntington Library, Stearns Collection, Box 87, Folder 12]