CRAINE, Roger “Red”

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Giacomo Perla, Red Craine, Pete Olivari and George Save
on Santa Cruz Island

CRAINE, Roger Page “Red” (1901-1989)[SS#564-26-3773], rural mailman from Ohio who delivered by horse and buggy before moving to Santa Barbara in 1921. In 1931 he was hired by the Santa Cruz Island Company, where he eventually became captain of their schooner, Santa Cruz. After twenty-five years with the company, he left the island in 1955 and joined the Carpenter's Union. The last ten years of his life he worked for the Santa Barbara City Parking Lots. He died August 24, 1989, and as per his wishes, his ashes were scattered at Santa Cruz Island.

In the News~

1933: “About 1933 Ira [Eaton] left the Santa Cruz schooner and one of the other men, Red Craine, took over.” [Eaton, Margaret. Diary of a Sea Captain’s Wife 1980, p. 249]

August 29-September 14, 1948 [O. P. Pearson Field Notes]: “… In the evening talked with Red Craine, the ship captain and manager. He says Stanton brought in 20,000 tame ewes one year, but had trouble with ravens attacking the lambs…”