CRUMLEY, Marcella

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CRUMLEY, Marcella Jeanne (1929-1958)[SS#545-28-4223], film actor and one of three killed in a plane crash on Santa Catalina Island on October 12, 1958. She was 28 years old.

In the News~

October 13, 1958 [San Bernardino County Sun]: “Plane crashes into Catalina peak; 3 killed. Avalon — A single engine amphibious aircraft crashed into a mountain last night, killing all three persons on board, including actor Edgar Hinton. Police identified the other victims as Vincent R. Pardew, 27, of Balboa, the pilot, and a part-time model, Marcelle Crumley, 27, Long Beach. The crash was witnessed by Hinton's wife and his three children. The plane, a Republic Seabee, took off from Toyon Bay, about four miles north of this Santa Catalina Island town, and slammed into a mountain. Cause of the crash was not immediately known. Hinton, formerly of Wilmington, Del., played minor roles in such pictures as Walk the Proud Land and Julie.”