CURLETTI, Rosario Andrea

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CURLETTI, Rosario Andrea (1913-1986)[SS#550-46-1686], native Santa Barbaran, devout Catholic, California historian, author, researcher and dowager of local note. Rosario and her friend, Carey Stanton, shared common interests in California history, books, art, and candor. Strong in her Catholic faith, Rosario’s voice resounded powerfully in the Chapel of the Holy Cross each year as mass was celebrated. Upon her last departure from mass in 1985, she said to Msgr. Francis Weber: “Well, padre, this was my last trip to Santa Cruz Island. Next time I go to the real paradise.” On March 25, 1986 she died of cancer at age 72 in the same bedroom in which she was born 72 years earlier at her lifelong home at 1715 Garden Street in Santa Barbara.

Carey Stanton placed a cenotaph in her honor at La Capilla de la Santa Cruz del Rosario, named both in her honor as well as for the prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She willed to the chapel her collection of rosaries, as well as a painting of Madonna and Child carried to Alta California by Bishop Garcia Diego y Moreno in 1831.