CURRYER, Charles

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CURRYER, Charles E. (c. 1865- ), born in Ohio, married his English-born wife, Sallie Allott (1867-1946) in Santa Maria on November 26, 1891. The couple worked as caretakers for Captain Waters on San Miguel Island in 1896 and 1897, and left the island to start a family. Son Charles Allott Curryer (1898-1960) was born September 21, 1898; son Joseph Daniel (1901-1978) on July 20, 1901. Charles Curryer is listed in the 1900 Santa Barbara County census as carpenter; the 1910 census of Santa Monica town ship as salesman; and 1920 Santa Maria census as carpenter again. Sallie was widowed by 1930, and was public librarian in Santa Maria. The family is buried in Santa Maria Cemetery.

In the News~

June 22, 1896 [LAT/SB]: “Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curryer and Albert Neely and his mother area awaiting the return of the schooner Restless from Santa Cruz Island, for an opportunity to go to San Miguel Island to spend the summer.”

June 29, 1897 [SBMP]: “Captain Waters returned from his San Miguel Island home yesterday, after an absence from this city of over two months. He reports lots of good healthy wind during the past spring, and plenty of feed for man and beast. His foreman, Mr. Charles Curryer, who has been on the island for more than a year, expects to pay the mainland a visit the next trip the boat makes. He will be accompanied by his wife.”

July 22, 1897 [SBMP]: “Charles Curryer and wife have arrived here from San Miguel Island after an absence from the mainland of over a year. Mr. Curryer goes with Captain Burtis on the schooner Restless today to San Pedro where the vessel will be copper bottomed before returning.”

July 23, 1897 [SBDN]: “C. V. Curryer and family of San Miguel Island, left this morning on the schooner Restless for San Pedro.”

March 24, 1902 [LAT/SMa]: “Charles Curryer who has purchased a half interest in the old Point Sal wharf, known as Chute Landing, has begun tearing the wharf down, the timber to be used for building purposes.”