Cañada Tecolote, Santa Rosa Island

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Cañada Tecolote, north shore, Santa Rosa Island

Cañada Tecolote, Santa Rosa Island [Sp. owl canyon] lies to the east of Cañada Garañon on the island’s north shore, and to the west of Arlington Canyon. The name appears at least as early as 1870. David Banks Rogers misapplied Arlington and Corral Canyons as two, rather than the same canyon, thereby moving Tecolote Canyon to Cañada Garañon. This place name appears as Canada Tecolote on the Santa Rosa Island West and Santa Rosa Island North topographic maps. Northwest coast of Santa Rosa Island. Cañada Tecolote in center; Skull Gulch at right. Note the crater-like depressions, which are the ancient house pits of the Skull Gulch village. There are twenty-five Indian village sites within this area.

Report from Santa Rosa Island by Phil C. Orr

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
  • lst Santa Rosa Island Expedition 1947
  • 2nd Santa Rosa Island Expedition 1948-1949
  • 3rd Santa Rosa Island Expedition 1949-1950