Cañada de los Sauces del Oeste, Santa Cruz Island

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Upper reaches of Cañada Los Sauces showing erosion of fertile bottom lands, washing of hillsides, and a scattered stand of Monterey Pines at the right.
Santa Cruz Island, Symmes, 1922

Cañada de los Sauces del Oeste, Santa Cruz Island [Sp. canyon of the willows of the west] (Cañada del los Sauces, Los Sauces, Sauces Canyon) is located on the island’s southwest quarter. A stream has cut a deep canyon through soft Pleistocene clays and gravels in this canyon, from which Douglas fir and other logs project which are larger than any trees currently growing on the island. The fossil Douglas fir logs were radiocarbon dated by Phil C. Orr at around 14,000 years before present.

Fisherman Frank Hansen, the “Wild-Man,” built a shack at Los Sauces near the beach after his shack at Albert’s Anchorage was burned down in 1918.

This place name appears as Cañada de los Sauces on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet A topographic map. When the island was partitioned in 1925, this location was included in Tract No. 4 appointed to Arthur J. Caire.

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