Calamity Anne’s Dream ~ Flying A Studios 1913

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CALAMITY ANNE'S DREAM was filmed, in part, on Santa Cruz Island in 1913. It was released on November 22, 1913.

In the News~

September 3, 1913 [SBDN]: “Seventeen members of the Flying A are to journey to Santa Cruz Island tomorrow on the Otter to take pictures in Calamity Anne’s Dream, one of the cleverest numbers in this splendid picture series which Miss Lester is featuring. The costumes brilliant Indian affairs set off the troupe in a most fetching manner. Just how long the troupe will remain on the island is not known, though members may be back in town Thursday night.”

September 4, 1913 [SBDN]: “Seventeen members of the Flying A company went to Santa Cruz Island with Captain Vasquez this morning leaving the commercial wharf at 7:30. Calamity Ann’s Dream, one of the interesting series in which Miss Lester figures prominently, will be worked out and will furnish one of the most amusing numbers of the series. Great difficulty was encountered in persuading Jack, the burro, to enter into the game of a trip on the briny deep and a still greater difficulty was anticipated in getting him to land on the other side. Among the players to make the trip were Miss Lester, Jack Richardson, Mr. Von Meter, Miss Rich, Mrs. Coxen, Mr. Johnston, the director, and Mr. Overbaugh, the cameraman. The party is expected home this evening if all goes well and the work is complete.”

September 6, 1913 [SBMP]: “The first company returned yesterday afternoon from a two days’ trip to Santa Cruz Island, where a Calamity Anne picture was taken, under the direction of Lorimer Johnston. The company operated from Fry’s Harbor. Roy Overbough secured some unusual seal pictures at the rookeries which will be introduced in this photoplay… The trip was made in the Otter and nearly all of the folks proved good sailors.”

September 7, 1913 [SBMP]: “Actors on cruise have experience at Santa Cruz. The trip of the first company to Santa Cruz Island was most notable in many respects since the American [Film Company] moved to Santa Barbara. Director Lorimer Johnston has secured an unusual picture in Calamity Anne’s Dream, as it will contain some very unusual scenery. So enthusiastic is Mr. Johnston over the islands upon this the first trip he is now planning a more extended visit in the near future. At first it was planned to make a hurried trip, but the beauties of the island impressed the director to such an extent that it was decided to stay over and complete the production on the island, taking advantage of the unsurpassed scenery… Miss Vivian Rich separated from the crowd and decided she wanted an ocean bath. Clad in bloomers and tunic she was about to plunge into the ocean, when from nearby rocks came the call, ‘Oh you Diana.’ Miss Rich beat a hasty retreat…”