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California (#) (1887-1909+), schooner built for use in dredging and rock-hauling work at various ports and breakwaters.

In the News~

July 16, 1887 [DAC]: “The schooner Catalina was launched at 7:30 o'clock last evening at the foot of Fifth Street. The launch was very successful. The schooner will load and sail in a few days for Catalina Island, where she and her sister boat, the San Pedro, will be employed for some weeks in transporting stone from thence to San Pedro harbor. Alexander Hay is the builder of both vessels for Captain Edward A. Von Schmidt, who will employ them on Government work at the island.”

July 22, 1887 [SBMP]: “The new schooner Catalina sailed yesterday afternoon for San Pedro with a full cargo of dredging pipes and a general outfit belonging to the Von Schmidt dredger, to be followed in a few days by the dredger and her barge, loaded with pontoons.”

July 26, 1887 [SBMP]: “The schooner Catalina sailed from San Francisco on Wednesday for San Pedro with a dredging outfit, to be used in the Government work at Wilmington Harbor. The stone material for the above mentioned work will be taken from Catalina Island by the schooners Catalina and San Pedro, which were built expressly for this kind of work.”

February 16, 1888 [DAC]: “Captain H. E. Hanson has been appointed to command the schooner Catalina, vice Captain C. A. Von Schmidt.”

August 7, 1891 [DAC]: “The big wrecking schooner Samson will leave for Port Harford today, in tow of the Whitelaw, to be employed in constructing the breakwater at that place. Captain Whitelaw has the contract for the work, and has the schooner Catalina down there now.”

October 30, 1891 [DAC]: “Killed by a derrick. Sal Luis Obispo, Cal., Oct. 29 — Captain Watts, in command of the schooner Catalina, was instantly killed at the breakwater, off Port Harford, today, by the fall of a derrick, which was being used to unload rock upon the work. The guy-rope gave away and the men scattered, but Captain Watts ran in the wrong direction. The body was doubled over forward, breaking his neck.”