California Channel Islands

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California Channel Islands

California Channel Islands are eight islands located off the coast of southern California from Point Conception to San Diego. They are spread out over 160 miles in a northwest to southeast direction, and lie eleven to sixty miles offshore. They are divided into two separate groups:

Northern Channel Islands:

Southern Channel Islands:

In the News~

January 15, 1905 [SBMP]: “An important scientific expedition will be sent to the Santa Barbara islands by the Milwaukee Museum next May or June. The party will consist of H. L. Ward, who is at the head of the museum, two expert scientists, and a guide from this city who is acquainted with the islands. Two or three weeks will be spent on the trip, during which all the islands will be visited and searched thoroughly for the scientific treasures they bear…”

California Channel Islands ownership history »

  • Chumash and Gabrielino
  • Spanish Era: 1769-1821
  • Mexican era: 1821-1848
  • American era: 1848-present