California Fish & Game

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California Fish & Game

  • 1930. McLean, Donald D. The Quail. State of California Division of Fish and Game. Game Bulletin No. 2. Sacramento: California State Printing Office, 1930. Wraps.
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1933. Sumner, E. L. An outline of the habits of the striped skunk and little spotted skunk California Fish & Game 18(1):34-43, January 1933

  • 1933. Sumner, E. L. Catalina Cats and Quail California Fish & Game 18(1):71, January 1933

  • 1935. Sumner, E. L. A Life History Study of the California Quail, with recommendations for Conservation and Management California Fish and Game 21(3-4) July-October, 1935
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1938. Bonnot, Paul, G. H. Clark, and S. R. HattonCalifornia sea lion census for 1938 California Fish and Game 24:415-419, 1938

  • 1948. Bonnot, Paul The abalones of California Bull. California Fish and Game Comm., 34:141-169, 1948

  • 1952. Walker, Boyd W. A Guide to the Grunion California Fish and Game 38(3):409-420
[original in SCIF archives; stapled separate]

[original in SCIF archives; separate]