Castle Rock, San Clemente Island

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Castle Rock, San Clemente Island

Castle Rock, San Clemente Island

In the News~

December 4, 1898 [LAT]: “San Clemente. A fortnight’s hunting trip on this little-known island. We left Long Beach one fine morning in the latter part of August for a camping and hunting trip on San Clemente… It is not easy suitable to describe Castle Rock at the west end of San Clemente… Seal Harbor is a few miles further on… We arrived at our stopping place, Smugglers Cove about 11 P.M., dropped the mud hook, waited for daybreak…”

January 12, 1915 [TI/Avalon]: “Castle Rock on the northwest side of San Clemente island has suffered considerably during the recent storms. A huge landslide where many tons of rock slid into the water was heard Wednesday by a party of fishermen camped in Goose Neck Harbor. So altered has become this tremendous rock during the past few weeks, that it no longer resembles a castle as heretofore.”

October 1942 [USNIP]: “At the most northeastern tip of the island lies Castle Rock, about a quarter of a mile from shore; this rock is a cone of an extinct volcano which helped to form some portion of this island…”

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