Castle Rock, Santa Cruz Island

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Castle Rock, Santa Cruz Island, also known as Cavern Point, Santa Cruz Island, was described by Frank Larco February 26, 1923 at the inquest of the death of fellow fishermen Jerry Shively and Isaac Newton:

“Shively’s body was picked up about 15 yards from Castle Rock, about midway between Scorpion and Potato Bays. On the shore under the rock there was a considerable quantity of the wreckage of the O.K.” “It was assumed that their drowning occurred less that an hour later under the towering cliff known as Castle Rock.” It was assumed the engine of the boat had gone dead under Castle Rock, which was described as “one of the worst corners on the island when a northwester is blowing. It’s a regular little trap.”

» Cavern Point, Santa Cruz Island

In the News~

February 28, 1923 [SBMP]: “...Big Jerry, as he was known among the fishermen of the Santa Barbara Channel, was drowned off Castle Rock, Santa Cruz Island while searching for his old fisherman friend, Captain Frank E. Nidever, who was lost at sea in a storm.”