Catalina (launch)

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Catalina (#) (-), launch used at Santa Catalina Island around the turn of the century, owned by Vincent Moricich and purchased by John Nestell in 1904. John Robarts ran her for awhile.

In the News~

August 14, 1899 [LT/SCat]: “Avalon. A party of picnickers left Avalon early this morning for Swain’s Landing, where they spent the day. The trip was made in rowboats towed by the launch Catalina.”

January 30, 1904 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. The Goddess of Good Fortune certainly haunts the trail of ‘Uncle John’ Nestell. Two years ago he ordered a launch built at a cost of $1000 for George Farnsworth, his boatman, and made him a present of it. Last winter he bought the Idlwyld, a handsome excursion boat, changing the name to Tio Juan — Uncle John, and installed George’s brother, Hawley Farnsworth as its skipper, to make what he could during the busy season, free of rent. Yesterday he purchased from Vincent Moricich the launch Catalina, paying $1000 for it, and presented the boat to ‘Billy’ Jameson, who held a lease on it for the coming season. Uncle John will soon find himself canonized as the ‘Saint John of Catalina’ if he continues his kindness.”

February 15, 1904 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. Thursday night some vandal visited the launch Catalina, anchored at its moorings near Sugar Loaf. A heavy hammer was used to break off or bend attachments, nuts and bolts were taken from their places and thrown overboard and a diamond drill was used to punch holes in pipes and tubes. The engine was completely wrecked. The Catalina is the boat recently purchased by ‘Uncle John’ Nestell and presented to Billy Jameson. ‘Uncle John’ has been a good angel to several of the boatmen, and is non-plussed at the act. He regards it as a blow to him rather that at Jameson. Friday night a chest of tools at Uncle John’s stand was rifled. He will temporarily discontinue his benefactions and will turn his attention to running down and punishing the perpetrator. He has offered a reward of $200—$100 for evidence to convict the man who wrecked the Catalina’s engine, and an additional $100 for the conviction of the person who rifled his stand.”

August 14, 1904 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. The yellowtail catches today have beaten anything of the kind heretofore this season. The ground where the game is found so plentiful lies from Seal Rocks around the point of the island to Silver Canyon… Among those participating in the sport were the launches… Catalina, John Robarts, skipper…”

August 17, 1904 LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. John Lindell and Charles Bradbury, a Prescott, Arizona party, chartered the launch Catalina, John Robarts, skipper…”