Catalina Flyer

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Catalina Flyer showing the flying fish at Avalon
Copyright 1914 Joseph McAfee
[original in SCIF archives]
A beautiful and novel sight. The searchlight trip. Catalina Excursion Co. Joseph McAfee, Mgr. at Avalon, CAl.

Catalina Flyer (#) (), owned by Joseph McAfee, who ran flying fish tours. McAfee invented the nighttime flying fish trips. Wrigley built the Blanche W to get in on the business action.

In the News~

May 2015 [SCINews]: “Summer of the Blanche. Our wonderfully iconic Blanche W will be saying goodbye to her millions of fans at the end of this summer. Built in 1924, The Blanche as we call her, has grown old and beyond being able to repair and maintain her to the standards of the U.S. Coast Guard. The Blanche was built in 1924 on Mormon Island in Wilmington Harbor for the Santa Catalina Island Company. William Wrigley, Jr. named the boat Blanche W after his one year old granddaughter, Ada Blanche Wrigley. It was specifically built for the flying fish tour and to create a boat faster than its major competitor, the Catalina Flyer, owned by Captain Joseph McAfee who originated the flying fish tour. Throughout the summer special events will be held in honor of the Blanche. Watch for special announcements.”